May 19, 2024

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Apartment to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission

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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Apartment to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission


Several studies have indicated that the deadly coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces, which is why you should use a disinfectant with Silver ions protection. Just like we sanitize our hands with a hand sanitizer, there must be no traces of the invisible foe in your house too. There is a common misconception that cleaning apartment alone will protect you and your family from the virus. But the fact is cleaning only reduces the germs. Disinfecting helps to kill germs on surfaces by dousing them with chemicals. In short, both cleaning and disinfecting play a vital role in keeping your home sanitary.

When it comes to apartment disinfecting, you need a product that claims to kill germs and viruses.Dr Rhazes 7-Day Surface Disinfectant Shield is one such product that offers Silver ions protection and kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. With just one spray, you are protected against the virus for seven days straight. Along with active silver ions, it combines the benefits of proprietary antimicrobial chemical compounds to provide a long-lasting effect. The product can used to disinfect entry gates, car handles, elevator buttons, doorknobs, tabletops, kitchen counters, electronic devices, and office tables.

Here’s how the product can be useful for disinfecting certain items in your apartment.

High contact surfaces: Frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, remote controls, kitchen counters, cupboard, light switches, faucets, bathroom counters, others should be cleaned and disinfected daily to reduce COVID-19 transmission. If anyone is suffering from the virus, experts recommend cleaning with soapy water isn’t enough; disinfecting household areas is the key. You can use a good quality room sanitizer spray or a disinfectant spray.

Clothing and linen: Use warm water to wash dirty laundry. Clothing of a sick person shouldn’t be mixed with other clothes as it will increase the risk of virus spread. Also, when handling such garments, do not mix the detergent without wearing gloves as it will reduce the risk of contaminating other surfaces. Remember to wash your hands after touching the laundry.

Dishwashing and Cutlery: Dishwashing and cutlery items should be thoroughly washed with a detergent to kill germs and bacteria. Normal dishwashing liquid is also likely to kill the virus, particularly on a hot wash. Keep the utensils used by the sick person separate to prevent the spread of the virus. While washing, it would be great if you wear re-usable gloves.

Carpets and sofas: Clean the carpet, rugs, and sofa with a vacuum cleaner to remove the accumulated dirt and dust. After vacuum, use a household disinfectant to lower the risk of contracting coronavirus. Launder the carpets and rugs if possible and dry it completely.

Electronic items: Electronic items such as TV, fridge, remote controls, mobile phones, laptops, keyboards, etc. should be wiped with a disinfectant. It is recommended to use disinfectant sprays that combine the benefits of proprietary antimicrobial chemical compounds and active silver ions providing Silver Ions protection for a lasting effect.

Keep washing your hands to reduce the transmission of COVID-19:

The first and foremost rule to stay safe from COVID-19 is washing your hands when you touch any surface or object. Ideally, using soap and water to wash hands dedicatedly for 20-second is the best way to eliminate the presence of germs, pathogens, and other bacteria. Make sure you scrub all over the wrist, in between fingers, and under the fingernails.

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