June 19, 2024

Lasting benefits of exercise during and post pregnancy

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Lasting benefits of exercise during and post pregnancy


We all are well aware that exercise –  be it in a gym, yoga, bike ride, or even a run can have a profound effect on our health not just in terms of keeping off those extra pounds but can also help in preventing diseases like type 2 diabetes.

During pregnancy, it becomes more than crucial to keep your body moving, irrespective of whether you have been following an exercise routine in the past or not. Be it the first trimester where you are struggling to keep your meal down or it is the second trimester when you are just beginning to get used to the body transformation or the third and final trimester where you are constantly running to the bathroom; hitting the gym might not necessarily be among your top priorities. But multiple bodies of research have suggested that some form of exercise can be highly beneficial to both the mum-to-be and the baby.   Something as trivial as a light stroll around the neighbourhood or a stretching session can lead to an improved mood, better sleep spattern, an easier labour and a quicker recovery. In other words, there are multiple benefits to getting acquainted with Pregnancy physiotherapy.

Advantages of exercise during pregnancy:

  • Reduced risk of pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes
  • Lower odds of delivery complications
  • Maintaining a healthy weight gain
  • Improved body postures thereby reducing aches and pain
  • Building an immune system for the baby
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and insomnia
  • Improved mood and mental frame of mind
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better bowel movements and thus relieved constipation
  • Faster postnatal recovery
  • Increase in pain endurance and stamina for labour and birth

Propel Physiotherapy in Moone Ponds has made it their mission to empower new moms into taking care of themselves while attending to their new-born babies as well. The founder Aileen Sim has gone through the life-changing event herself and totally understands the lack of postnatal care available as everything is focussed on the babies and their health. She cared and prioritised her health and getting fitter which eventually helped her tremendously in taking care of the baby.

Aileen is a firm believer in rehabilitating the body the right way after the delivery of a baby. Precisely why, the Postnatal Pilates exercise routine introduced by Propel Physiotherapy is a great way of improving core strength, lower body, upper body and overall strength in the early postnatal phase. A lot of emphasis is laid on strengthening the core, toning the pelvic floor muscles and improving overall strength. Since every person’s body is different, the exercise routine is modified and individualized to specifically match the particular strength and weakness of the body.

Benefits of postnatal pilates exercise:

  • Improves core and glutes strength
  • Reduces tummy separation
  • Improves pelvic floor and upper body strength
  • Minimizes back and neck pain
  • Improves postural awareness
  • Better socializing with other mums and babies
  • Joy of exercising along with your baby

Propel Physiotherapy also provides postnatal check-up to ensure you have a smooth transition into motherhood. It includes tummy separation and core activation check along with a home exercise program. There’s also Musculoskeletal Assessment of back, neck, upper back and management plan for aches and pains. The postural assessment helps in terms of functional tasks like getting on/off floor or breastfeeding posture. And lastly, the much anticipated discussion on return to exercise routine

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