May 20, 2024

Top 5 must-have Seal Shield Mice

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Seal Shield Mice


Various companies sell various mouse and keyboards, but not all keyboards or mice are of good quality. Seal Shield Waterproof Keyboards & Mouse are considered one of the best keyboards and mice for your computers. Here are some of the top 5Must have seal shield mice:

  1. Seal Shield Silver Storm Wired Waterproof Optical Medical Mouse

The seal shield silver storm-wired optical mouse is white and is 100%waterproof. The mouse is also dishwasher safe and compatible with hospital disinfectants.

The mouse has a DPI of 1000 and comes fitted with a scroll well for easy document navigation. The mouse has a dimension of 1.43″H x 2.35″W x 4.6″ D making it comfortable for an individual to handle and work with. The mouse is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

  1. Seal Shield Wireless Mouse

The seal shield wireless mouse has been designed to help in preventing the spread of infections. The mouse is waterproof and can be cleaned with bleach. The waterproof technology allows one to attain a high degree of protection that minimizes the spread of infections.


Other specifications of the mouse include.

  • Device connectivity technology: The mouse has a wireless Pointing Device and Wireless Technology
  • Optical Resolution: The mouse has a resolution of 800dpi
  • Color: Black
  • Weight and Height: 1.5Width: 2.5″Depth: 4.6″Weight (Approximate): 4.73 oz Package Contents

The mouse has a Wireless Silicone Optical Mouse USB Receiver that is Green Compliant:

  1. Silver Storm™ Wireless Waterproof Mouse

The seal shield silver storm mouse are the best alternative for silicon mice. They are resistant to chemicals and are also waterproof. The silver storm mouse gives you the perfect touch of the office mouse, which has a scroll wheel. The silver storms are dish washable and have an antimicrobial surface that prevents the growth of bacteria, funguses, and viruses. The silver storm mouse has a charging base with an integrated three-port black USB hub. The RF wireless mouse has a 1000 dpi. The mouse has AES128 encryption and comes with a two-year warranty.

  1. Silver Storm™ Waterproof Mouse – STM042USA

This seal shield waterproof mouse is made from waterproof technology products manufactured to meet the strict NEMA4X and IP68 specifications. The product is also and has a one-year warranty.

These seal shield components are durable and are manufactured from non –hazardous substances that are easy to clean and dish washable. The mouse also has the following specification.

  • Cable connectivity
  • Resolution of 800dpi
  • Two buttons
  • Optical movement detection
  1. Silver Surf™ Waterproof Mouse

This mouse is manufactured with seal shield waterproof technology and silver seal infused plastic to offer microbial protection of the mouse surface. The mouse features seal glide scroll strip technology for the best ergonomic feel. The mouse is also a silver seal protected to protect the mouse during washing. Other specifications include:

  • Two buttons
  • Seal glide scroll strip
  • Optical pointer technology
  • 800Dpi resolution
  • Weight of 112g
  • Gold –plated USB connectivity

Top shield mice are comfortable to use, and best of all, they are waterproof; hence they are easy to clean. When choosing this product, quality is guaranteed since they are meticulously made for the customers.

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