April 23, 2024

What You Need to Know Before Getting a Biopsy of Breast

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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Biopsy of Breast


A sudden pain or be lump in the breast can be so unnerving. One moment, everything seems to be normal, while just in the second moment, your entire world can be taken on a roller coaster ride. One cannot possibly live in such uncertainty. That is why a biopsy of breast is necessary. A breast biopsy is a medical procedure undertaken to remove a small sample of the breast tissue for testing in the laboratory. It is the best way to determine whether any suspicious area in your breast has a severe problem or not. Primarily, this test is done to ascertain the presence of breast cancer. There are various kinds of breast biopsy procedures. After a proper examination, the doctor would be able to tell which biopsy procedure will be appropriate for one.

In this process, a sample tissue is obtained from the patient by the doctor for identifying and diagnosing any abnormality in the cells that account for the breast lump or any other unusual breast changes. This procedure helps one to rule out any suspicion. If there is any abnormal or serious finding on a mammogram or ultrasound, then a breast biopsy becomes almost essential. Once the biopsy report comes in, it becomes easier for the doctors to determine whether the patient needs any other surgery, or what should be the mode of treatment going forward.

For the patient’s family, and the patient themselves, occurrences like this can be scary. However, there is no point in delaying the process, as early the diagnosis, the better. So, the first step is to see a doctor. Not everyone might be recommended a biopsy of breast, but only those with the following symptoms will require to do it without failure:

  • If you or the doctor comes across a lump or thickening in the breast
  • The mammogram shows a suspicious area in the breast
  • The breast MRI is not good
  • There is a suspicious finding in the ultrasound scan
  • There is nipple or areolar changes along with scaling, cdumpling skin or a bloody discharge

What Can You Experience?

After a breast biopsy takes place, you can experience certain things:

  • Swelling and bruising of the breast
  • The breasts may change shape and appearance. This depends on how much tissue is removed and the healing process
  • Further surgery, depending on the condition and the report
  • Fever, the site becoming red or warm or any drainage should be reported at the earliest as these are symptoms of infection

What Should Your Doctor Be Aware of?

As much as you are informed, it is also your duty to share all details with your doctor as well. It is crucial for the treatment to be going the right way. Make sure that your doctor has the following details:

  • Whether you have taken aspirin in the last few days
  • What allergies do you have
  • If you have been on blood-thickener
  • If you have issues lying on your stomach for a long time
  • If you are undergoing MRI, then inform the doctor of any pacemaker or any other electronic device that is implanted in the body
  • If you are pregnant or think you are so

Once all these are followed, then there would be no chance of the biopsy going wrong. Getting the apt results is important, as a lot rides on the lab results.

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