May 20, 2024

Why you should get diabetes insurance before it is too late

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diabetes insurance


diabetics. As per the WHO, there will be 101 million diabetes cases worldwide by 2030, representing a 45% rise. This indicates that Indians’ health is being negatively impacted by their lengthy workdays, bad food, and lack of exercise.

Did you know that with increasing age, we all develop an increased likelihood of having been affected by type 2 diabetes? Your risk is greatly enhanced if you are 45 or older, overweight or obese, and have a family history of diabetes. Before it’s too late, take into account diabetes insurance for the following reasons and get yourself an insurance plan on this World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes cases have increased dramatically.

According to a survey that appeared in The Lancet in 2014, China, India, America, Brazil, and Indonesia were the only countries where 50% of individuals with diabetes lived. In India, the prevalence of diabetes has climbed from 3.7% to 9.1% in males and from 4.6% to 8.3% in women.

 In India, there were 11.9 million individuals with diabetes in 1980, and there were 64.5 million adults with diabetes in 2014. Additionally, in 2014, India alone was responsible for 15.3% of all individuals worldwide who had diabetes. Diabetes has become a silent killer in modern times due to a rise in cases over the past three decades.

 Increasing Treatment Costs

Diabetes therapy is expensive, even if it may not be as life-threatening as other serious illnesses like cancer. The average monthly cost for a diabetic is between 5,000 and ‘9,000, which does not include the price of real care or diagnostic procedures. In the event of difficulties, the monthly costs might possibly reach $20,000.

It’s interesting to note that men appear to be more influenced than women in such cases. Due to the surge in demand and subsequent increase in price, the majority of diabetics in India are unable to purchase insulin.

 Premium costs increased.

Diabetes has a claim probability that is around 90% greater than those of other diseases since it is a chronic condition. After the age of 45, the likelihood of developing diabetes rises by about 20%, and it rises by 50% after the same individual reaches the age of 50.

The sooner you get a comprehensive health insurance plan, the better, given the surge in diabetes incidence and claims. A healthy person can easily obtain health insurance for $7,000 to $9,000; however, a diabetic must pay between $ 18,00 and $ 20,000.

In fact, you should be aware of how diabetes affects various body organs and can lead to complications like amputation, retinopathy, bypass surgery, etc. Increasing medical expenses can put a significant financial strain on you, so you should choose a comprehensive health insurance plan as soon as you can. So on this World Diabetes day get yourself a good health insurance plan to keep yourself protected.

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