June 19, 2024

How Mosquitoes Spread Diseases (Vectorcide)

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How Mosquitoes Spread Diseases (Vectorcide)


Mosquitoes can spread many diseases through their bites. The types of diseases that they spread can vary on many factors, such as; the species of mosquito, but many eyes are laid on them since they are a big public health risk.

Mosquitoes bite for reproduction purposes. You see, male mosquitoes only eat flower nectar, but female mosquitoes need blood to use as protein to lay eggs, this is why they bite. It’s important to note that the flying insect does not take all the required blood from one host, rather it travels to multiple sources for its required blood meal needs. This is how mosquitoes infect many people.

Mosquitoes use the blood to convert into protein for the eggs they’re about to lay. Once the egg hatches, a mosquito larvae will appear, a wingless mosquito. From here, they will eventually develop into an adult mosquito.

You may wonder how the mosquito gets infected in the first place. When a mosquito bites the host, there is a transfusion of fluids. The mosquito relieves salvia whilst also taking in blood.

All that is needed is one person to have malaria, then biting will infect the mosquito. From here the mosquito needs to bite another target. This is how it rapidly spreads host to host.

Mosquitoes don’t even know they are carrying Malaria, this is because they are vector insects, meaning they are only carriers. They transfer the disease from one host to another.

It’s not just Malaria however, they have been known to be many vectors (carriers) of other diseases. There are a number of mosquito breeds, but a common type of mosquito that has been known to be a vector of many diseases is the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

The Aedes Aegypti is also known as the Yellow Fever. The Yellow Fever mosquito has been known to spread many diseases such as; Zika virus, Dengue fever, Chikungunya virus, and the Mayaro virus. This type of mosquito is included in various areas like; South America, Africa, South East Asia, typically the tropical areas.

The ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ has stated: “Studies suggest that concentrations of DEET above approximately 50% do not offer a marked increase in protection time.”

There are many mosquito protection companies like Vectorcide International Ltd that do make a difference in their products and act against mosquito borne diseases. Vectorcide is a highly advanced company that researches far and wide into mosquito transmission and acts in mosquito control. They have already provided many signature products (like Vectorcide Coating) that have proven to be time and time again effective in having a huge impact in stopping the spread of diseases through mosquito vectors.

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A study was carried out by the Republic of Zambia’s Ministry of Health. They operated a trial run in the and the surrounding villages of Livingstone and Victoria Falls. The results proved to back up Vectorcide’s significance with a huge 83% decrease in total Malaria cases and completely putting a halt to infant fatalities.

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