June 19, 2024

Using Menstrual Cups To Control The Leakage During Periods

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Using Menstrual Cups To Control The Leakage During Periods


Periods are quite often in most of the women living across every corner of the world. These usually take around three to seven days. Sometimes, they also last about 15-30 days, and in all of these cases, you need to take proper care of your health and other related hygiene. Using unhealthy products or clothes over time can not only increase the rashes, but it is also known to create other bacterial infections that are known to disturb the pH. However, using menstrual cups is a wise decision, but you also need to educate yourself before using these cups to ease other issues related to your menstrual period.

Enhance your knowledge with the product

Before using any of these menstrual cups, you also need to develop a good understanding. All of these come in different sizes and varieties, which you can make your preferred selection to suit your needs. Being known as a feminine hygiene product, a menstrual cup is a tiny, stretchy, funnel-shaped cup made from silicone, latex, or other rubber products. It can be further inserted inside the vagina to prevent leak proof and odor-free approach to the women experiencing these related issues. These products are also available at www.menstrualcup.gr, which you can access according to your interest and as per your budget.

How to use These cups

All of these menstrual cups come in a wide variety to suit your needs, but you also need to know the method of their use. Based on your age, cervix size, heavy or light flow, you can pick these cups widely available around you.

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Those women under the age of 30 haven’t delivered till yet can choose smaller menstrual cups whereas those who have crossed the age of 30 and have given birth vaginally can select big sized cups to control their flow.

Living life with these menstrual cups

These cups come in a wide variety and can be used based on the requirements, but you should also know how to use them. Though using it first time might be messy, once you start using it, you will feel like being in heaven. Before placing the cup inside your vagina, you need to lubricate it using water or other water-based lubricants to keep the rim wet.

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You should wash your hands thoroughly when getting started to put these cups. You need to insert the bowl inside the vagina. Once it is inside, you need to turn the rim by holding it firmly in your hand. Once it is fitted with your vagina, it will be airtight and won’t let the wet slit outside damage your clothes. www.menstrualcup.gr, along with other similar websites, will help you find all of these products you can use during the periods and enjoy a trouble-free approach.

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