April 23, 2024


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If fitness videos flourish today on Instagram, its success is not new. Born after the war, the discipline experienced a tremendous boom in the 80s – headband-on-the-fore-and-fluo-very-tight-fitting era – with muses more iconic than the others. Who from Schwarz to Joe Wicks has left his mark on fitness? Reconnect your VCR, go!

Jack Flannel: the pioneer

The pioneer of fitness programs on television since Jack Flannel (nothing to do with the singer with the ponytail) taught his lessons on the small screen from 1953 to 1985. He was also the coach of other aerobics stars like Jane Fonda or the wacky Richard Simmons. And proof that the sport keeps, it left us in 2011 at the Honorable age of 96!

Arnold Schwarzenegger: the man of many talents

Before looking desperately for Sarah Connor, this good old Schwarzie was a world star in bodybuilding, having won the title of Mister Universe five times and that of Mr. Olympia seven times, making him the most muscular man of the world ! A passage to the cinema and a political career later, he returned to his first love by taking over the editor-in-chief of the American magazines Muscle & Fitness and Flex in 2013.

Mister T: chain muscles (in gold)

Not really a fitness star, Mister T (pseudonym of Laurence Tureaud) nevertheless inspired many sportsmen and sportswomen who love muscles thanks to his roles in L’Agence Tous Risques and Rocky 3. And we really want to believe that he has revived the jewelry market thanks to the accumulation – cult – of gold necklaces worn around its neck, more trendy than ever in 2019!

Véronique and Davina: French priestesses

Tou touyoutou! Véronique and Davina have become, through their cult program Gym Tonic, icons of aerobics. Thanks to accessible courses, a recognizable soundtrack between a thousand and an end credits passed to posterity, the show gathered every Sunday morning more than 10 million viewers! Today, Gym Direct has taken up the torch to ensure your sessions between breakfast and departure for work, without finding the enthusiasm of these 2 references.

Jane Fonda: committed actress to fitness icon

Known by the youngest for her pubs promoting the effectiveness of an anti-wrinkle “that is worth it”, the oldest for her roles in Julia or We finish horses well, Jane Fonda has also been successful with its VHS (we challenge millennials to know what it is) dedicated to Workout. Leotard, styling: the best of the 80s.

Cindy Crawford: a very fit top

The most cult beauty spot on the catwalks is not only a Supermodel: at the height of its glory, it has also developed fitness programs, called Shape your body. On the program, well thought-out 10 to 45 minute sessions to get a little closer to the dream physique of the most famous Cindy in history (after Cindy Sander).

Philip Mills: the man in the shadows

Less famous than his predecessors in the list, we owe a lot to Philip Mills, who is none other than Les Mills’ son: it was indeed under his leadership that Body Training was created, which includes the Body Attack, the Body Pump or the Body Balance. You just have to thank him for the calories expended (but not for the aches).

Marine Leleu: the triathlete 2.0

Wonder woman alert. If you are a fan of social networks, it is possible that you know this young Nantes girl. First Frenchwoman to have completed the End uroman (a hardcore version triathlon which starts in London and ends… in Paris), she also participated in 3 Iron man and 9 marathons. Not the Sunday sportswoman. The sports coach trained at the Institute of Fitness Trades inspires her 485,000 Instagram subscribers to surpass themselves. To be continued !

Thibault Geoffrey: shelves and plates

With his angel mouth and his tablets which seem cut in the reinforced concrete rather than in the chocolate, Thibault founded his own method on intense training and on a particular care brought to the nutrition: three months of re balancing food and sport that transform body and mind. His motto: eat more, eat better, train less. Besides, the before-after photos of his method are very convincing!

Lucile Woodward: a coach who looks like you

She defines herself as the coach of real people, not that of stars: Lucile Woodward is part of this new guard of sports coaches who have used web 2.0 to provide their method. A graduate of the IMF as Marine Leleu, she offers sports and nutritional coaching courses to allow you to achieve the famous “body by Lucile”. His blog is full of advice adapted to everyday life. Real people coach, we tell you.

From yesterday to today, these athletes have had a significant impact on the world of fitness… and we thank them! But in order not to hide anything, in the editorial, our icons are rather the CMG Sports Club members who punctuate the life of our rooms every day

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