May 19, 2024

How to gain weight in a healthy way

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How to gain weight in a healthy way


To gain the right weight is important. You can achieve this by consuming too much junk food, but this can have a bad impact on your health. People are of the notion that if you consume too much calorie junk food you might put on weight. This is true as you might think about whether you want to put on weight or enhance muscles. The best supplements for muscle gain will help you accomplish the latter. Once again eating too much junk food is not a viable option as it ends up doing more harm than good.

Increase the intake of calories

Calories provide energy to the human body. The tasks that you accomplish everyday drains calories and foods consumed enhance your energy levels. To put on weight you have to be in a calorie surplus, this means that you should eat more calories than what you are burning.


With the aid of a calorie intake calculator, you can go on to figure out the exact calorie intake per day. Your target is to zero in more calories than your body needs as this would help you put on weight. Keep in mind that cakes, biscuits or chips to have calories as they have to be kept into account. There is no need to count calories on an everyday basis. For the first few days, this might only be required. After that point in time, you will have an idea of what to eat and how much.

Opt for more proteins in your diet

Proteins are the building blocks of a human body. If you are planning to increase the muscle mass then you have to consume proteins. Even gym supplements might help you to put on muscle mass. Based on your body weight you have to consume 1 gram of protein weight. It means that if your weight is 170 pounds you have to consume 170 grams of proteins per day.


If you are looking to put on weight your belly has to be full. A suggestion is for you to eat 6 times a day. Suppose if you feel that you cannot eat for 6 times a day then better to opt for 4 times a day. Rather than one full meal you have to eat a meal once in 3 hours. In this manner, you might be full at all times.

Focus more on energy-oriented foods

The point comes to the fore you should not eat everything and anything. Here the focus is to eat energy-dense foods. You have to eat foods that are high in calories and low on the carbohydrates front. Meat grains along with nuts are some of the suggested food.

To manage your daily calorie requirements you have to rely on bodybuilding supplements. A host of brands are available in the market that provides you with the features.

To conclude you need to be aware that changing your body is not an easy task. It is not a marathon but a sprint that you need to go slow and steady.

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