May 20, 2024

Is non-medical treatment is better than medical treatment?

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Is non-medical treatment is better than medical treatment


Many patients decided to follow several non-medical approaches for curing cancer disease. Several alternative treatments like in taking of vitamins, minerals, meditation, yoga, Chinese methods, homeopathy, etc. are not added in traditional treatments. These non-medical approaches are opened to the public who are searching for a natural cure for cancer. Including medical methods, some people follow these non-medical treatments. It is called complementary treatments. This is the reason for the public who follow complementary treatments are not ready for consulting the doctor. They never care about the high risk of death. Many volunteers agree that alternative methods never cause death. Patients may want to choose a unique treatment. However, they pick these therapies also for the financial crisis. The hidden risks are involved in the following of many trendy methods.

What are the risks involved in non-medical treatment?

Untraditional method of dealing with this disease which leads to the risk of allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, and other effects. Improper diet followed in this method which disturbs the metabolism of the body. Loss of malnutrition and body weight which decreases the energy level of patients. They can replace their usual therapies like radiation methods, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy without the knowledge of their cancer physicians. Contact your doctor before these with your trained practitioners. Patients must realize that medical practices are tested by all scientific pieces of research. And also the medicines are taken from natural herbs, plants, and trees. So, follow these right methods and try to avoid natural ways for avoiding the risk of your life. Unproven methods may lead to the loss of life in the battle of cancer. 

Is caffeine leads to the formation of carcinogen?

Following the numerous studies, our health experts concluded there is no bond between caffeine and carcinogenicity. Without hearing these studies, some people innocently doubted that is caffeine a carcinogen? Carcinogenicity is caused by the formation of a chemical called acrylamide. This is a substance which rises from the cooking of foods at high boiling temperature. Acrylamide cannot be formed in the making of coffee. It results from potato chips, pieces of bread, cookies, and other fast foods. So, you must avoid these foods for the huge risk of cancer. The intake of hot beverages may lead to inflammation and cell damage which leads to the formation of cancer. Avoid drinking hot beverages above 65 degrees. A patient must consult proper oncologists before following unconventional treatments.

Did everyone accept the bond between coffee and cancer?

The World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that coffee never causes any type of cancer. These studies found that the intake of coffee will reduce the chance of oncogene formation. Smoking is the main reason for all cancer types. So, you should avoid smoking because it will also affect non-smokers. High heat baking of food items may supply acrylamide to humans. This is the reason for several types of cancer. National Toxicology Program also finds the general study of the occurrence of cancer in animals. Caffeine intake reduces endometrial, breast, nonmelanoma, ovarian and other types of cancers. Follow the cup of coffee at your fresh morning which boosts up your whole day.

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